The Fartein Valen Festival 2014

The program 2014 has a wide range of different musical repertoir. The music of Fartein Valen is the most important part of the program. His music is without compromises. He was able to put Norway on the musical map of Europe.

This year the festival emphasizes the influence from Beethoven. Another important element is the connection to french music. Valens deap knowledge of other composers, won by very methodic studies, shows that his music is built as much in tradition as it is braking barriers.
In spite of beeing very modest as a person, he was not modest as an artist. Valen, the composer, has very much to say also today and in our modern lives. In this field, he is without compromises. The festival aimes to communicate this element.
Heartly welcome to the Festival 2014!

> Thursday of april
> Friday of april
> Saturday of april
> Sunday of april


Thursday of april

The Church of Our Saviour, Haugesund.  19.00 pm

Iver Kleive, organ; Povl Dissing,voice; Knut Reiersrud, guitar

«Som den gylne sol frembryter»

Tickets: 290 NKr Students/children 100 NKr




Friday 25th of April

The Art Gallery of Haugesund 10.00 pm

Tickets 100 NKr

Lecture (in norwegian) ‘Konstruktive misforståelser: Om Beethoven i Valens verker’


Arnulf Christian Mattes , from the University in Oslo

Einar Henning Smebye, Grand Piano og Tor Johan Bøen, violin

Fartein Valen, Sonata for violin and Grand Piano, op 2


Interval and refreshments


The Art Gallery of Haugesund 12.00 pm

Lecture (in norwegian) «Fra Wagners ånd til Valens hånd. Om kildene til Fartein Valens Ave Maria op. 4”


Thomas Erma Møller from the Univerity in Oslo


Music of Fartein Valen:

Njål Sparbo, bassbariton  og Einar Henning Smebye, Grand Piano

Fartein Valen: Ave Maria op 4


Vår Frelsers kirke

Concert from the Bells Tower 25th of April 16.30 pm

The Church of our Saviour

Goos ten Napel

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach



Reception for Festival-Partners

First Hotel Hendersons City 5am

Admittance for the guests at the hotel or with Festivalpass

verschueren 2004 organ vfk


Fartein Valen and the french music

Lars Notto Birkeland, organ; Håkon Austbø, Piano; Oslo kammerakademi (Woodwind ensemble)

Tickets 250 NKr 100 NKr Children and students


_MG_8520_Photo_Anna-Julia Granberg BLUNDERBUS (2)


Lars Notto Birkeland, organ:

Jehan Alain:

Suite for organ

Introduction, Variation, Scherzo, Choral

Håkon Austbø, piano

Claude Debussy: From «12 Etudes» (1915) 3.pour les quartes 11.pour les arpeges composes

Olivier Messiaen: From «4 etudes de rythme» (1949-50) 3.Meumes rythmiques

Pierre Boulez: Troisieme Sonate, formant 2: Trope (1957)

Olivier Messiaen: From «20 Regards sur l’Enfant-Jesus» (1944) 13.Noel

Claude Debussy: From «Preludes, IIe livre» (1913)
4. …»Les fees sont d’exquises danseuses» 9. …Ondine 12. …Feux d’artifice

The Chamber Academy of Oslo:

Charles d’Indy: Chason et Danse op. 50

Fartein Valen:

Serenade, op 42


DrumBattle in the centre of Haugesund 19.30 pm
(just after the concert in the church is finished)

4 drum-players and an el-guitar gives an explosive and youthful musical performance inspired by the music of Fartein Valen.



Saturday 26th of April

Fartein Valen and Johann Sebastian Bach Saturday 26th of April 12.oo pm



Lars Notto Birkeland,  Organ; The Hansa Quartet; Oslo kammerakademi (Woodwind ensemble)

Tickets 200 NKr

(Oslo kammerakademi playes in the pavillion of the city-park dependent on the weather)

Hansakvartetten Johann Sebastian Bach: From «Die Kunst der Fuge»

Fartein Valen: Stringquartet, op 0

(Oslo kammerakademi playes in the Pavillion if possible, due to the weather)
(Emil Hartmann:
Serenade, op 43)

Lars Notto Birkeland
Fartein Valen: Pastorale

Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasi and fuge, g-moll BWV 542

The Pavillion, City-Park 13.15 pm

Oslo kammerakademi (In case of bad weather, the wind-ensemble will be playing at the concert 12.00 pm in The Church of our Saviour)

Annaleena Puhto- flute

David Friedemann Strunck – oboe and artistic leader

Gro Britt Skarseth – oboe

Andjei Maevski – clarinet

Victor Alsén – clarinet

Steinar Granmo Nilsen – horn

Niklas Grenvik – horn

Roman Reznik – fagot

Trond Olaf Larsen – fagot and arangements

Tuomo Savolainen – double bass


Emil Hartmann: Serenade


Saturday 26th of April 14.00 pm


The Art Gallery of Haugesund

Fartein Valen: Trio, op 5
Einar Henning Smebye (piano), Tor Johan Bøen (violin) and Aurélienne Brauner (cello)

The Art Gallery of Haugesund: Valen-café 14.30 pm


Skåre Church Saturday the 26th of April 16.30 pm

The Hansa Quartett and Hilde Haraldsen Sveen, soprano

Valen and Beethoven


Johann Sebastian Bach From «Die Kunst der Fuge»

Johannes Brahms From The «Ophelia»-songs

Fartein Valen: Goethe-songs op 6 arr by the norwegian violinst Leif Halvorsen

Fartein Valen Stringquartet nr 2, op 13

Ludvig van Beethoven: Stringquartet nr 16 F-dur, op 135

1 Allegretto 2 Vivace 3 Lento assai, cantante e tranquillo 4 “Der schwer gefaßte Entschluß (The difficult decision).” Grave, ma non troppo tratto (Muss es sein?/Must it be?) – Allegro (Es muss sein!/It must be!) – Grave, ma non troppo tratto – Allegro


The Art Gallery of Haugesund 26th of April 17.30 pm


Host: Erling Dahl jr

Håkon Austbø, piano;

Einar Henning Smebye, piano; Tor Johan Bøen, violin, Aurelienne Brauner, cello;

Oslo kammerakademi; Njål Sparbo, bassbariton; Hilde Haraldsen Sveen, oprano;


Einar Henning Smebye og Tor Johan Bøen
Johannes Brahms Scherzo for Violin and piano, WoO 2,  c-minor

Aurelienne Brauner og Tor Johan Bøen
Joseph Jongen Duo for violin and cello

Håkon Austbø
Johannes Brahms 3 Intermezzi op 119, nr 1-3

Fartein Valen  4 Klavierstücke op 22
(Nachtstück, Valse Noble, Lied ohne Worte, Gigue)

Hansakvartetten Hugo Wolf Italian Serenade




Oslo kammerakademi, Njål Sparbo og Hilde Haraldsen Sveen
Mozart from the world of Opera

Le nozze di Figaro:

-Ouverture -Cinque…dieci…venti (Susanna, Figaro) -Se a caso madama (Susanna, Figaro) -Se vuol ballare signor Contino (Figaro)

Die Zauberflöte

-Ouverture -Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja (Papageno) -Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen (Pamina) -Ach, ich fühl´s, es ist verschwunden! (Pamina, Papageno) -Pa – pa – pa (Papageno, Papagena)





Reception at the Festivalhotel 21.00 pm
(admittance for the guests of the hotel or with Festivalpass)

Oslo kammerakademi playes  Wind Octet in E-flat major op 103 by L van Beethoven

I. Allegri II. Andante III Menuetto – Trio IV. Finale. Presto

(composition Year 1792-1793)


Sunday 27th of April

DSC_0710Mass in Valestrand church   11.00 pm

The soprano Hilde Haraldsen Sveen from the Festival takes part.
Organist: Ingrid Elisabeth Tobiassen

The Liturgy is lead by Gunnar Salomonsen and Arild Steinsland

Preacher: Fartein Valen-Sendstad



Church-coffe, lecture and concert in the composers home Valenheimen 13.00 pm

Lecture: (in norwegian)

Little Per på Farteins skulder.  Undertittel: Om Farteins nære og allsidige forhold til dyr, fremfor alt katter!

Fartein Valen: Sonata for violin and piano, op 3

Einar Henning Smebye, piano and Tor Johan Bøen, violin




The Church of our Saviour Sunday 27th of April 19.00 pm

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Requiem in d-minor, K.626; conductor Ive Romme


Trond Gudevold, Isabel Espelid, Kari Dahl Nielsen and Ole Morten Velde





Youth choir and The Chamber Orchestra 1B1, University of Stavanger


1b1 Panorama Stavanger art colour